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Episode 1: Gamers Don't Care For P*ssy!


The Podcast is BACK!  And I brought a friend along to havesome Podcast fun!  


 I'm joined by Comedian Luke Stine to talk Dark Souls 2, TitanFall, Creepers at a Midnight release, how I'd be a great Sloppy Power bottom, and much more funny shenanigans!  Have a listen, click subscribe, enjoy, and SHARE!


Stand-Up!: Check out my show Live from the 1760 Bar & Grille!


A fun night for sure at the 1760 Bar & Grille in Trexlertown, PA.  Had a few laughs, drank a few beers, and performed a few jokes for a Sold Out crowd of 60-65 peoples who came to benefit Born Into the Arts, a Dance crew trying to raise money to get to a competition in Vegas!


Now if you couldn't get tickets or just too plum lazy to come out to a show, I'll bring the show to you!  Down below is my set from the wonderful night of laughter and fun for a good cause.  Have a view, leave a comment, throw a Like on it, and SHARE IT!  Enjoy!


It's Honestly, Not That Serious: In Moderation!



It's that time of year again.  Resolution Time!  The time of the year where you reflect on the parts of you that you want to die.  Of course, what's the biggest resolution on the top of everyones list?  Losing weight...not a lot of it but enough to bring back the sexy.

In 'It's Honestly, Not That Serious: In Moderation!' I talk about what it sounds like in my head when someone says "In moderation".  Also, I bring up a story of the time I witnessed a whore, doing whore-like things, at the gym.

All this and MORE in this weeks VLOG!  Check it out!

P.S. I wear a lot of black shirts and I have a white cat.  This is an issue for me...that hopefully I will address!


'It's Honestly, Not That Serious: Art Gallery



It's amazing the kind of venues you perform in as a comedian who's just starting out.  The first show of the year was, probably, the weirdest.  Which, fills me with glee, as well as, dread.  The first show of the year at the GAPS in Reading, Pa.  An art gallery with an amphitheater, wine, crab cages as art, and no microphones.  But enough words, check out the first VLOG of the year and see exactly what I'm chatty about!

"You can catch crabs from shitty art."- Jesse Keim


Website is being re-vamped! Pardon my Dust!

BOOM!  The Podcast is coming back, with a new YouTube channel, a new look for the website, new videos, and MORE!  Very exciting times, and I've been slacking on the content!  So coming in the next few weeks will be weekly VLOGS, Podcasts, Videos on YouTube, and all sorts of tomfoolery and shenanigans.  Sorry for the long hiatus, but it was necessary...I'll tell you all about it in the next episode of 'The Jesse Keim Show' to give you the skinny on what's been going on!

Stay Tuned...